Limelight Insights

A Next Generation Shugoll Company

Beyond the family name
lies a tradition of
excellence in market research.

Limelight Insights is a next generation, Shugoll company brought to you by:

  • Cara Shugoll Wilken, a third generation Shugoll market researcher who has proudly followed in the footsteps of her grandmother (Joan Shugoll) and parents (Mark and Merrill Shugoll)
  • Rick Seale, a VIP of the market research industry for over 25 years

Limelight Insights was developed to serve the ever-changing needs and demands of the marketing research industry, with a renewed focus on virtual marketing research.  As it has become more challenging, risky, and expensive for researchers, clients, and participants alike to engage in in-person research, Limelight Insights has taken virtual research to the next level by deploying what has already become an industry-leading, online qualitative research platform called Limelight.

In addition to the Limelight platform, Limelight Insights offers:

  • Recruiting
  • Project management
  • Facility rental services and coordination in the DC area as well as around the country through our partnerships with local focus facilities and sourcing non-traditional spaces for ideation sessions and brainstorming workshops
  • Full-service marketing research consulting services for both qualitative and quantitative research

In continuing the Shugoll family marketing research legacy, the Limelight Insights difference will be EPIC.


  • Experience: Experienced project managers leading your research. 
  • Expertise: Expertise conducting marketing research
    •  – in a variety of vertical industry sectors.
    •  – with participants in the Washington DC/MD/VA market including policy elite/opinion influencers.
    •  – online or in-person with participants across the country.


  • Proprietary products: Limelight platform, policy elite/opinion influencer database, Washington DC/MD/VA participant database, National participant database, and a variety of proven analytical research products and applications.
  • Proven: Our Limelight platform is a proven, industry leading online qualitative research tool with dedicated tech support to ensure your research is smooth and successful.
  • Privacy: The Limelight by Shugoll brand carries the guarantee of privacy, protection, and non-disclosure.


  • Integrity/quality of data, recruiting, and sample.
  • Innovative: Our team delivers innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs, and leads the industry in providing online research solutions for clients across a variety of vertical industries.


  • Convenience: We are a one-stop-shop solution for all your research needs.
  • Critical thinkers: Our team is comprised of critical thinkers who dig for insights to help clients make better business decisions. 
  • Customized: We offer custom research solutions to fit the individual needs of each client.
  • Customer service: As a boutique company, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class customer service.
  • Collaboration: We are collaborators, viewed as valued client partners who will work tirelessly to ensure your research is a success and provides actionable insights and recommendations for your team.