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Limelight Insights by Shugoll is uniquely qualified to help associations and nonprofit organizations optimize their business decisions to address challenges and make the most of opportunities. We have helped numerous trade, consumer, and professional associations identify ways to grow membership and boost satisfaction and involvement among existing members.

Organizations that carry the mantle for many important social issues have used our expertise in generating financial support, identifying key audience segments, and testing the messages to influence opinion and policy.

A large part of our business is answering critical questions and providing actionable direction.

Here are some of the questions Limelight Insights has helped associations and nonprofit clients answer:

During periods when individuals and companies reduce or cap spending, how can we maintain and grow our membership or donor base?

Maintaining membership is about providing value. Limelight Insights surveys current and lapsed members about their use of, expectations for, and satisfaction with membership. This, combined with the use of our proprietary Power Pricing Index, indicates the price-value relationship of different segments and identifies segments most “at-risk,” as well as highly satisfied groups with room to increase fees. This has been used successfully to adjust membership fees by category with minimal or no loss among those facing higher fees and much lower attrition rates among those facing lower fees.

How can we improve attendance at our conferences, meetings, and training sessions?

Expanding participation requires understanding the obstacles that prevent non-attendees from participating and determining what would motivate them to attend. Thus, while surveys of attendees are needed to ascertain which current programs are valuable to ensure that proposed new programs or potential changes will not alienate current attendees, Limelight Insights also surveys lapsed attendees and potential attendees to understand what changes must be made to attract a broader group.

Using this multi-segment approach, Limelight Insights has helped organizations greatly expand attendance by restructuring / reformatting their meetings and addressing issues such as date and duration changes, optimal locations / types of settings, fee structure for different types of attendees and mix of activities, learning formats, and content areas.

How can we increase non-dues revenues?

In many cases, demand for products offered by associations or nonprofits is hindered by a lack of awareness of the product or a lack of understanding about product features, benefits, or means of access. With that in mind, the first step Limelight Insights takes in assessing sales opportunities is to undertake a Benefits Audit Survey among client members. This process assesses awareness, use, and frequency of use, reasons for nonuse and perceived value of existing products. We also look at unmet needs, including time frame and delivery mechanism requirements, to determine if current products can be repositioned or if new products are needed.

Using the Benefits Audit Survey, Limelight Insights has helped associations and nonprofits to identify their strongest product offerings and make minor modifications to existing products to greatly broaden their appeal. We have also identified under-utilized products that only needed increased promotion in cases where the products were valued but not well known or understood.

Is my communications campaign working?

Public education and communications campaigns are best evaluated by taking measures of the target audience’s attitudes and behaviors prior to the campaign baseline and at periodic intervals tracking throughout the campaign. Using this methodology, Limelight Insights has evaluated the impact of communications campaigns for industries, issues, and policies. This research has been used to develop and refine specific messages, test the effectiveness of communications programs, and to fine-tune the media mix.

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