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At Limelight Insights, we take pride in our extensive database of research participants. With our recruiting services and innovative technology, we make sure the right people participate in your research study. Whether you’re a market research firm seeking dependable field services, a business in need of full-service consulting, or an individual looking to contribute to impactful studies, our databases and experts are the key to unlocking valuable insights.

Policy Elite Database

National Database

DC Metro Area Database

Policy Elite Database

Limelight Insights by Shugoll has been actively developing our policy elite database for over 15 years.

Our location in the Washington, DC metro area places us near hundreds of government agencies and contractors. We have been conducting research for federal, state, and local government agencies for many years. Our studies examine the attitudes of government agency employees and decision-makers as well as policy influencers and legislative staff. They also determine public attitudes toward government programming.

Our policy elite database was developed originally through cold-calling federal directories and recruiting outreach to targeted audiences such as:

  • Lobbying firms
  • NGO’s and advocacy organizations
  • Trade Associations
  • Corporate government affairs executives
  • Think tanks
  • Legislative staffers
  • Local, State and Federal agencies

The respondents that are part of this database were sourced by specifically targeting these respondents based on their professional focus on policy matters. We also seek referrals from members of our existing policy panel. Respondents are only accepted into this database once they have been recruited from these resources and have been verified through websites, LinkedIn accounts, or organizational email.

National Database

Easily Connect with a National Audience

We maintain an exhaustive national database of respondents, searchable by numerous demographic criteria. We also keep track of their focus group participation history, suitability for different study types and subject matter expertise.

DC Metro Area Database

Leverage Diverse DMV Insights

We maintain an extensive Washington, DC metropolitan area database that includes participants from downtown DC, and the Maryland and Virginia suburbs.

For those focused on local insights, this database is ideal for understanding regional dynamics, local consumer behavior, and community-specific trends. Our participants from this area bring a unique perspective to your research efforts.

Who We Recruit

Limelight Insights by Shugoll goes above and beyond industry norms to ensure the right people show up at the right place at the right time, so you can get the information you need to make the best business decisions. Our in-house recruiting services are for both in-person and online market research. When appropriate, we also leverage an innovative recruiting software package that enables us to target and recruit your research participants more efficiently. No matter your industry, we can recruit the right participants for your research study.

  • Consumers
  • Business Professionals (B2B, B2C, B2G)
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Government and Public Policy and Opinion Leaders and Influencers
  • Teachers, Students & Administrators

The data is only as good as its source.

Our team screens participants twice, once at initial recruitment and again during confirmation. If a participant’s answers differ during their “tech-check” from his/her pre-screening answers, they will not be able to participate in the study. Limelight Insights carefully tracks respondent participation so that members of our database can only participate in a very limited number of studies each year. This helps eliminate cheaters and repeaters. All respondents are required to show a photo ID upon arrival for in-person sessions at any of our partner focus group facilities before being admitted.

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Wow!! I have no other words. Just wow. That was an absolutely fantastic group. Perfect recruit. After we were finished and dismissed folks, my boss said to me: “worth every penny.” To me, that’s value, and you’ve certainly proved your value today here with this project. That was the best focus group we have done in a very, very long time - I honestly cannot remember a better one - and I have not a single complaint or issue to note. Not one!! You all made my job a lot easier and I just want to thank you so much for the work that went into this recruit because it was a huge success.

Lauren K., Client – Communications Strategy Firm

Interested in Participating in a Market Research Study?

Join our database panel now to share your opinions and participate in interesting and fun market research studies. To join our database panel, you will answer a variety of initial screening questions. In market research, there are no wrong answers. We ask that you answer all screening questions truthfully, and eventually you’ll be invited to participate in a focus group when the dates and times available match your schedule. Best of all, you will receive a monetary incentive when you qualify and participate in one of our studies.

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