Public Policy Research in Maryland

Public Policy Research in Maryland

Public policy research is a study that attempts to directly inform policy making. It is policy-oriented and policy-driven, meaning that its purpose is to generate findings that can be used by policy elites to make decisions. To this end, public policy research often relies on market research studies and other methods of data collection and analysis. This type of research is an essential tool for ensuring that decision-makers have the information they need to make informed choices.

Limelight Insights by Shugoll’s location in the Washington, DC metro area places us near hundreds of government agencies and contractors. We have been conducting public policy research for federal, state, and local government agencies for many years. Our studies examine the attitudes of government agency employees and decision-makers as well as policy influencers and legislative staff. They also determine public attitudes toward government programming.

What is Public Policy?

Public policy is decision making by the government. Anything the government does or does not do is public policy. Public policy research refers to the systematic study of government policies and programs with the goal of improving public welfare. It is a type of market research that focuses on the market impacts of government policies and programs. 

Public policy research is essential for understanding and improving the effectiveness of government policies and programs. By conducting rigorous and unbiased public policy research in Maryland and other areas around DC, we can make our government more effective and responsive to the needs of its citizens.

How is Public Policy Research Used?

This type of research can be used to assess the impact of proposed policies, to evaluate the effectiveness of existing policies, or simply to gather information about the opinions of the public. In some cases, public policy research may also be conducted by interest groups or think tanks in order to influence the development of public policy. Ultimately, public policy research is an important tool that can be used to help shape the direction of government action.

Public policy research is often conducted with policy elites in Washington, DC, who can share both their own opinions and help decision makers better understand the preferences of the general public. Policy elites are individuals who have a significant impact on public policy making, often through their economic or political power. Washington, DC is home to many policy elites and opinion influencers, as it is the home of the US federal government.

Located near Washington, DC, Limelight Insights by Shugoll has been actively developing our policy elite database for over 15 years. Our policy elite database was developed originally through cold-calling federal directories and recruiting outreach to targeted audiences.

Our extensive database includes a number of policy elites and opinion influencers, including:

  • Lobbying firms
  • NGOs and advocacy organizations
  • Trade Associations
  • Corporate government affairs executives
  • Think tanks
  • Former legislative staffers
  • Former policy officials at local, state and federal agencies

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