Policy Elites in Virginia

Policy Elites in Virginia

Policy elites, also known as opinion influencers or opinion leaders, play an important role in policy-making. They are often thought to be influential in shaping public opinion and setting the agenda for political discourse. In policy and market research, getting opinions from policy elites can be extremely valuable for various organizations as they gain a better understanding of the opinions of the general public as well as the potential impact of proposed policies.

As a market research firm, we often work with opinion influencers and policy elites in Virginia and DC who have a significant impact on the development and implementation of public policy. These policy elites openly share their industry knowledge and market-related insights, which can be used by businesses to inform decision-making. 

Limelight Insights by Shugoll’s location in the Washington, DC metro area places us near hundreds of government agencies and contractors. We have been conducting research for federal, state, and local government agencies for many years. Our studies examine the attitudes of government agency employees and decision-makers as well as policy influencers and legislative staff. They also determine public attitudes toward government programming.

Policy Elite Database

Limelight Insights by Shugoll has been actively developing our policy elite database for over 15 years. Our policy elite database was developed originally through cold-calling federal directories and recruiting outreach to targeted audiences.

Our extensive database includes a number of opinion influencers and policy elites in Virginia and DC, including:

  • Lobbying firms
  • NGOs and advocacy organizations
  • Trade Associations
  • Corporate government affairs executives
  • Think tanks
  • Former legislative staffers
  • Former policy officials at local, state and federal agencies

The respondents that are part of this database were sourced by specifically targeting these respondents based on their professional focus on policy matters. They are only accepted into this database once they have been recruited from these resources and have participated in at least one face-to-face research study with a professional moderator.

Policy Elites In Market & Policy Research

Our work with these policy elites is essential in helping our government clients to better understand the viewpoints of the general public on key issues. We use a variety of data collection methods to provide our clients with detailed insights that can help guide their decision-making, including surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and more. 

Our team of experienced researchers are experts at identifying and analyzing trends, and we are known to provide some of the most insightful analyses, report writing, and debriefings in the industry. With our work in policy research, our team has a solid understanding of the dynamics of influence among policy elites. By understanding the role of policy elites, market researchers can better understand how public opinion is formed and used to influence public policy. 

Policy elites have proved to be invaluable in market and policy research. With policy elites as market research participants, we can gain a deeper understanding of the issues that matter most to the public, and make informed decisions that will benefit both policymakers and the people they serve.

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