Consulting Services in DC

Consulting Services in Washington, DC

Market research is essential for businesses of all sizes. It helps organizations to better understand their target market, identify opportunities, and optimize their marketing efforts. While market research can be conducted in-house, many businesses choose to outsource this function to an experienced marketing research company. Marketing research companies offer a range of consulting services, from project management to data analysis, that can help businesses to get the most out of their market research investment. When choosing a market research consultant, it is important to consider the firm’s experience, expertise, and track record.

Our Consulting Services in DC

Limelight Insights by Shugoll is an experienced marketing research company that provides custom, full-service consulting for qualitative and quantitative marketing research studies. This includes everything from study design and data collection, to data analysis and preparation of reports and presentations including actionable insights and recommendations. Our consulting team is known to provide some of the most insightful analyses, report writing, and debriefings in the industry.

Our consulting team has over 50 years of combined experience and we are leaders in the marketing research industry. If you are looking to conduct a research study, our expert consultants will provide the location, participants, logistics, and project management to ensure the success of your research.

You need to be confident that your marketing research will go off without a hitch. The data is only as good as its source, which is why Limelight Insights also offers recruiting services to deliver qualified, quality research participants. 

In addition to our recruiting and consulting services in DC, Limelight Insights offers a full range of research applications including proven proprietary products that were developed and honed through the teamwork and expertise of our staff.

Our Experience

Limelight Insights by Shugoll is proud to serve some of the world’s leading organizations with marketing and opinion research. We consider our client list to be a testament to the superior work we deliver and the vast experience we’ve gathered across a variety of industries.

We specialize in qualitative and quantitative market research and have launched what has become an industry-leading online qualitative research platform called Limelight. The Limelight platform can be used for online focus groups, in-depth interviews, and bulletin boards. With Limelight, clients can play video files, share their screens, conduct polls, use breakout rooms, and make use of stimuli with markup exercises. The conversation is facilitated by one of our professional moderators, and our consulting team handles everything from study design to analysis and reporting.

Your business deserves the most innovative research solutions and a quality research partner that will bring value to your business. If you’re considering conducting market research and want help from the experts, consider using our consulting services at Limelight Insights. Submit a bid request today to get started!