Focus Groups In Virginia

Focus Groups In Virginia

A focus group is a small, but representative, sample of people who are interviewed about their attitudes, perceptions, or opinions in market research and brand/product development. This group of individuals is brought together by a research company to provide insights on a particular topic. By providing their opinions, they provide brands with reliable insights that can be used to make strategic business decisions. 

Limelight Insights by Shugoll conducts market research for a variety of companies across multiple industries and collects unbiased opinions on topics such as new products and services, new communications campaigns, the latest social issues, political trends, etc. All data collected by Limelight Insights is strictly for research purposes only, and is never used for soliciting or fundraising.

Where Are Focus Groups Located?

Due to the pandemic, most focus groups are now held remotely using our online video platform, Limelight. You can participate from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office and still get paid for your opinions! Sometimes, we host in-person group discussions at highly-rated focus group facilities in your local area, hotels or conference centers. A recruiter will tell you where and when the group discussion is taking place during the screening process to see if it’s convenient for you.

In-person vs. Online Focus Groups

Both in-person and virtual focus groups have their pros and cons. In-person focus groups allow for more nonverbal cues to be observed and provide an opportunity for participants to build rapport with one another. 

Online focus groups have become increasingly popular recently, as they offer a convenient way for people to participate from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Online focus groups also have the advantage of allowing a wider geographical reach. 

Whether the discussion is conducted in-person or online, the focus group is moderated by a trained professional, and participants are compensated for their time. 

How to Participate in Focus Groups in Virginia

If you’re interested in participating in a focus group in Virginia, Limelight Insights by Shugoll can help!

Share your opinions and help shape the products and services that you use every day. In market research, there are no wrong answers. We ask that you answer all screening questions truthfully, and eventually you’ll be invited to participate in a focus group when the dates and times available match your schedule. Best of all, you will receive a monetary incentive when you qualify and participate in one of our studies. 

From time to time we offer studies targeted at very specific populations. Please browse our social media streams for studies with openings. We invite you to fill out the online surveys posted on our Facebook stream to be considered immediately for a specific study.

Join our database panel now to share your opinions and participate in interesting and fun market research studies.