Online Qualitative Platform

You Will Love Our Limelight Platform

It’s secure

    • Each project gets its own, unique virtual room
    • Our team controls who is allowed to enter the room
    • No reported hacking of Adobe Connect like other online meeting platforms
    • Room design/layout is “locked” so all participants have the exact same visual experience (this is particularly important when evaluating stimuli)

Each client has their own tech team assigned to their project to ensure smooth sessions

    • Each participant must pass a “tech check” prior to their research session
    • Tech team stays online for the duration of the research session to work through any technology issues in real-time

It allows for a client “back room” experience

    • Only clients and moderator can see the right-hand side of screen (like the “back room”)
    • Participants cannot see names of client observers
    • Clients have access to a private backroom chat which allows them to talk to one another and to the moderator (participants cannot see this chat)

Customized virtual room layouts

    • Programmed based on your moderator’s guide with your needs in mind
    • Easily conduct different projective activities or show stimuli with the click of a button

See The Limelight Platform in Action

Playing Video Files
Screen Sharing
Conducting Polls
Marking Up Stimuli
Virtual Flipchart
Breakout Rooms

See What Participants Have to Say

The Limelight Insights platform is a very welcome, transformative technology to apply to online research. It facilitates a wider range of participants, increased opportunities to participate, and a safe, comfortable and efficient way of doing so. No longer does geography matter; having our voices heard is possible from the safety and comfort of our own spaces. This is the technology I've been waiting for, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to participate!

Kim A.

I like how easy Limelight is to navigate and use. I know the online platform will work every time and it gives me one less thing to worry about, allowing me to give all my attention to the focus group. I recommend Limelight Insights to my friends and family all the time. I tell them how easy the process is and how enjoyable the focus groups are. Plus, the staff at Limelight are always very friendly and accommodating!

Paul S.

What I liked best about the Limelight online platform is how easy it was to set-up and install, plus the tech run through was great. We've all shifted to online mode, but the way the focus groups were run and managed seemed super smooth. I wish all my online meetings were like that.

Jake D.

I have enjoyed my participation with Limelight very much. Being able to express my opinions in a safe, non-judgmental environment with a skilled interviewer made the experience very positive. I prefer the online platform since it does not involve travel. I would most certainly recommend Limelight to friends and family members. It's an enjoyable experience and getting paid is a bonus! Limelight does a great job – the screening process is seamless and staff are always friendly and helpful.

Linda P.

I like how easy the online platform is to use - it is intuitive and simple and does not require any kind of complex installation. The online platform feels as personal as an in-person interaction because you are still communicating face-to-face with other people. I absolutely would recommend participating in online focus groups with Limelight. The online format is convenient and very easy to use. I think it would open up more people to be able to participate who have more restrictions on being able to travel to a site for an in-person focus group.

Ethan A.

The Research Process

  • Platform can be used for focus groups or one-on-one interviews
  • Suggested maximum 90-minute sessions
  • Typically limit group size to 6 to 8 participants 
  • Up to 30 client observers
  • Participants are required to pass a 10-minute “tech check” at least 24 hours prior to their assigned research session (anyone who fails will be replaced at no additional cost)
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Why Should You Conduct Online Qualitative Research?

There are a variety of advantages to online qualitative research:

  • Allows for efficient and cost-effective geographic reach:
    • It eliminates the additional time and expense of moderator and client travel.
    • You can conduct fewer overall groups or in-depth interviews but cover more territory because your research isn’t dictated by travel logistics.  Participants from all over the country can be mixed into the same online research sessions.
  • Increased ease and convenience: Client observers, moderators, and research participants can all participate in online qualitative research sessions from the comfort and convenience of their own homes or offices.
  • Provides a safe alternative for qualitative research during COVID-19: Conducting online research eliminates the need for client, moderator, and participant travel and allows for people to gather face-to-face virtually.

We love our Limelight platform and we know you will too. We look forward to the opportunity to be your online qualitative research partner.